Testimonials - Al'Frank Cookies


Owner is a very nice guy with great baking skills. Reasonably priced and marvellous cookies made of patience and love. You can choose the sweetness of the cookies that you like too, but beware, you will definitely get hooked on it once you start the very 1st bite. 赞! – Sharon Thum

I think the cookies has some kind of drugs LOL...it is too addictive ... keep it up !!! Will surely introduce my friends over and buy from you bro !! Yummy! ! – Muak Mark

Cookies are nice... yummy!! Was passing by the shop and the aroma of freshly baked cookies attracted me in.. was good – Dawn Lim

The only bad thing about these cookies is you can't stop! SO good! – Riana Nusjirwan Montisano

Really awesome n addictive cookies! Super love the double belgium chocolate cookies! Baker and shop staff are really friendly! – Linda Low

The Owner is very nice & his "BIG" boss is very helpful. Yummy & not so sweet cookies. I super LIKE! – Kwok Yung

Such healthy, tasty and clever cookies :-) – Joan Lim-Choong

Yummy oatmeal cookies with macademia nuts❤️good bite size and melts in your mouth – Celine Soon

I recieved these Al' Frank cookies as a gift from my recent trip to Singapore and I must say, I was blown away. The fact that it is baked it such a convenient bite snack size makes it less guilty when consume and also the fact that it's flour-less replaced with oatmeal and the freshness of perfectly grilled nuts... The blend, the taste, the texture and how the crispness of a perfectly baked cookie that melts in your mouth once consumed, mere words doesn't give it the justice it deserve. It's basically a treat sent from heaven for all cookies lovers out there, this is one of the best I've tasted, satisfaction guaranteed. Twice the love, and zero the guilt. You have got to love these wonderful cookies! Thank you Al' Frank for making this possible. Much love from your cookie consumer. :) – Cheron Ng

Absolutely delish!!! Freshly baked with premium ingredients and warm to the touch. Oh melt in your mouth goodness. 1 packet is just not enough, truly addictive!!! Thank you for the samples and the goodies we took home. We stumbled across this little cookie shop down Haji Lane, I am pleased we found you!!! – Katarina Kurupo